At Hadean we are changing the nature of computing. Be part of the journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and empower the world to effortlessly harness the limitless computing power of the cloud to realise the greatest opportunities of today and tomorrow, to make the world a better place.

So far in 2019 we’ve raised $10m to accelerate our growth.

We believe that anything is possible when you think big enough, so we give our team the platform to turn great ideas into great products. We are a deep tech company pushing the boundaries every day.

The Journey So Far

Hadean was founded in 2015 with a single purpose: to compute nature. More specifically, Hadean’s goal is to redesign the operating system to natively understand the cloud and distributed computing without the need for middleware.

Our mission attracted lots of excitement from investors and the tech industry, leading to a $2.6 million seed round just a year later, led by Luminous Ventures. That year, we also joined 350 companies in pitching to Microsoft Accelerator, a global initiative that helps entrepreneurs grow their companies. The pitch was successful and Hadean was among the eight companies selected by Microsoft’s judging panel for the initiative.

These enormous achievements set the foundation for explosive growth, with Craig Beddis joining the team as CEO and co-founder in 2017. As Hadean grew under his leadership, we upped sticks and moved into a swanky new office in Shoreditch, powered by an endless supply of free fruit and coffee. We secured a grant from Innovate UK and the world famous Francis Crick Institute used our Aether Engine technology to simulate large and complex models of protein-protein interactions, researching novel binding sites for tackling diseases like cancer.

2019 has been our best year yet

We partnered with CCP Games on our ambitious EVE: Aether Wars project, shattering expectations and technological boundaries by demoing a multiplayer 14,000-ship battle live at the biggest games development conference in the world. We saw our Aether Engine technology powered by two tech giants via Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We raised a further $10 million in a funding round led by Draper Esprit. We were named among the 10 start-ups to watch in London and secured a spot amongst the 50 hottest start-ups in Europe at Unbound Festival.

And we feel the best is yet to come. Ultimately though, Hadean is still led by its original vision to compute nature… or as Rashid, our CTO, likes to describe it, bringing dinosaurs back to life and making Craig 21-years-old again!

“Life at Hadean is fast - there are constantly new problems to solve and boundaries to push. This is why we focus on a growth mindset above all else - underpinned by valuing innovation, boldness and resilience".

Craig Beddis

“The team is the key. They are super smart, but also know how to work together. Authenticity, trust, respect and fun - these values create the environment that means we can tackle big problems, together.”

Rashid Mansoor