Game Designer (Contract)

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Game Designer (Contract)

Job description

About Hadean

It seems that every problem today requires technology to solve it, and most of those solutions require massive-scale computing - genome editing, curing cancer, autonomous vehicles, simulating reality. And the only ways to implement those solutions, up to now, have been costly, complex or both. Super-computers, the cloud and edge computing all have their issues - they’re unreliable to operate and scale, difficult to build and manage, and too unpredictable and expensive to budget for and fund. Fundamentally these problems are down to a stack that was designed 30-40 years ago.

These problems are only going to become more prevalent as more demands are placed on our ageing technology stack, and Hadean believes that every application in the future should be able to be distributed across hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of machines. The current stack is irreconcilable with the opportunities and demands of this new world. To solve these challenges we believe that ubiquitous computing needs a new way of thinking and distributed systems must be supported in fundamental ways at the Operating System level. As such, we’re throwing out the rule book on OS design. Hadean is daring to rebuild the operating system from the ground up, to be distributed-first, robust to scaling, efficient, compact, and faster - it will work in real-time across hyper-scale deployments without layers of bloated software.

About You

You’re practically a marathon runner given the number of miles you’ve spent with Mario/Zelda/Master Chief, but your CV actually says game designer. When it comes to the games you work on you’ve got broad tastes too - you’re as happy working on a platformer as an action-adventure as a FPS, and as a result, you understand the key differences in how to design for a MMORPG vs a RTS vs a FPS; which compromises to make, when and why and how to make them appear a deliberate part of the game play.

“Is this fun?” is the kind of question that keeps you up at night. “How could it be more fun?” haunts your waking hours.

Someone who is up for the challenge of creating concepts from scratch and comfortable tackling questions like this on a daily basis: How should we define this game? What’s important during the planning/developing/testing phase? What are the layers? What are the steps to create a game?

What you'll be doing

  • You’ll be responsible for all game mechanics (“let’s change the rate of fire!”), and make sure that the wider team understand the implications (“is it possible?”, “what about re-loads?”, “how does that affect balance?”)

  • The game design document is yours - you’ll own, manage and make sure everyone understands what it is and why it’s used/useful.

  • You own all aspects of game play. You’re the reason getting hit like that means you lose 42 HP.

  • You understand how to implement game effects and logic based on high level requirements.

  • You’ll answer questions like: what happens when you die (in the game - not the bigger question), what happens at the start or end of the game, what happens if you change the speed of that missile, how do you define factions...

  • You’ll bring consistency to the project.

  • Working as part of the product & engineering teams you'll help to lock down what we’re building.

  • Working closely with the engineering team during the implementation phase, you'll check what’s being built and provide feedback to make sure that what's being built is in line with what's been agreed, but, more importantly, that it still works and makes sense.


What we're looking for

  • You’ve created your own games from scratch and as a result you’re familiar with all aspects of game development (*pssst* show us a demo, if you can). You can run us through your portfolio and explain how you tackled hard problems.

  • You’ve got at least 3 years  commercial experience working with Unreal Engine or Unity ... but you don’t really mind which engine is being used.

  • You are an excellent communicator and know how best to articulate your requirements to a variety of stakeholders in English

  • Obsessive gamer, interested in why things work, not just what and how

  • You know what causes one ball to bounce higher than another ball, why the sky is blue, and what causes chaotic complexity - you might not be a physicist but you know plenty about it and, more importantly, you know when to approximate it to get the right result.

Nice to haves

  • You've got experience with Linux

  • You’ve got experience with massively multiplayer online games, whether that’s RPG, RTS or some other TLA.

Equal Opportunities

Hadean is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout our recruiting and hiring process and is dedicated to increasing diversity in our workplace.