Systems Engineer - OS Team

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  • London, United Kingdom

Systems Engineer - OS Team

Job description

At Hadean we are changing the nature of computing. Our mission is to enable and empower the world to effortlessly harness the limitless computing power of the cloud to realise the greatest opportunities of today and tomorrow, to make the world a better place. So far in 2019 we’ve raised $10m to accelerate our growth.

We believe that anything is possible when you think big enough, so we give our team the platform to turn great ideas into great products. We are a deep tech company pushing the boundaries every day. Our Engineering team are rewriting the rulebook on OS design to create HadeanOS. It is distributed-first, robust to scaling, efficient, compact and fast. On this foundation we are building Aether Engine, a simulation framework capable of tackling the vast complexity of tomorrow’s gaming, life science and physical simulation challenges.

As our new OS engineer you will be key to our growth by:

  • Looking for opportunities to improve automation, code simplicity, generality, or efficiency everywhere.

  • Contributing to the implementation of a new Operating System, HadeanOS.

  • Participating in the ideation phase of planning, providing your unique perspective on the prioritization, design, and implementation of engineering work.


What we’re looking for:

  • You have a strong understanding of the concerns related to low-level hardware architectures, concurrent (multithreaded) code, highly available/performant servers, bounded allocation programming.

  • You have experience developing at the operating system boundary (e.g., making syscalls directly, writing a userspace network stack) or within the OS itself (e.g., kernel development, filesystem work, device drivers).

  • You have at least 3 years of coding experience in ‘systems’ languages (C, C++, Rust, Assembly) or an equivalent amount of experience working on ‘systems’ problems in other languages (e.g., writing a Unix shell in Haskell).

  • You have experience developing prototype (MVP) software and iteratively making it more {performant, functional, stable, etc.}.

  • You are an original thinker who can present and defend a well-reasoned position even if it’s not the popular one.

  • You are energised by a dynamic, fast-paced and agile workplace.

Nice but not necessary:

  • Experience with or affinity for the Rust programming language.
  • Experience with Operating Systems development (e.g., memory management, file systems, network stack).
  • You have made contributions to more than zero open source projects.

How we work is as important as what we work on. Our values include respect, growth, innovation, boldness, fearlessness, resilience, benevolence, authenticity, trustworthiness, being curious, teamwork and fun.

Diversity makes us stronger and more able to make the impossible possible. We are therefore committed to Equal Employment Opportunities throughout our recruiting and hiring process, and welcome applications from anyone and everyone.

We make Hadean an awesome place to work with options for new employees, regular team drinks, dinners and events, training budget, choice of Perkbox or Classpass discount, off peak start time, pension scheme and eye exams, and a whole load of fruit and coffee in our fantastic office.

Salary: £40,000 to £140,000

Location: London

Opening Date for Applicants: 17th June 2019

Closing Date of advert: 31st August 2019

Working hours per week: 40 hours a week